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independent celebrity:regardless devon victory

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THis page contains words made by independent celebrity,regardless devon victory check out these words also you can go to google .com and put urban dictionary in the search engine,now it should appear another search enging in google directing to urban dictionary,now put regardless devon victory in the search engine /ligacyrgist
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---(1 search engine optomization)
mb up
If you are putting links within search engines,that goes by reviews of blogs or internet posts;if its the case that when you click the link in google ectera,that afther you click the link then it goes to the post or blog ect.(this meaning that you can read the blog that was posted,or the info post,without clicking another link afther the link in the search engine, before you review the post.This will not count reviews of how many peopled viewed the post threw where ever the main link was at when the post was posted.Even though they have services in general that moniter serch engine links;by google ect. like and internet seer
search engine optomization this is an actual list of regardless devon victorys post review by main links with out counting the reviews by search engine links.. talk show------------reviews Jerry Springer 67 american idol 36 jay leno 64 david letterman 64 conan obrian 62 jimmel kimmel 60 craig ferguson 61 the view 83 ellen 74 tyra banks 75 martha stewert 65 keith ablow 64 oprah winfrey 85 phill mcgee 45 carson daly 65 jon stewrt 48 megan molly 69 rosie o donnel 55 dr laura 46 tv talk shows 45 today show 59 early show 60 The average years it takes estimated on all post posted @ tv talk show .com to get too 2000 reviews is about one year or one year in a halph...these reviews i have just showed you are reviews of about three months...
talk shows,entertainment definitions,yahoo,news,celebritys,world,independent by regardless devon victory Jun 30, 2008 email it 0 comments ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(2. post game xxl )

post game xxl is for Artist's that be straight spiting game in magizines songs and music,and a lot of people respect that shit... extra extra large,also gameing females to deaf/sex on the first night...
post game xxl is for vetterin game spitters not 4 no ametures,post game xxl,or stay low as hell

(3. yours and hers )

your and heres is term used when your're talking about body parts of an individual,male indvidual and female individuals. more certified toward the sexual organs of individuals. breast,penise,buttox,vagina.
check also sexual anatomy,also diagrahms of the body. yours and hers...
rap,music,songs,creations,psycology,mytholgy,medical ethics,society by regardless devon victory Jun 26, 2008 email it 0 comments

(4 one track mind)

one ttack mind is hearing a statement and beleving that it only has one meaning,hearing a song and thinking that each bar,only has one meaning.The secrete too making sure you are not a one track mind person is getting books on writing songs,poems,ect. meaning understanding what meataphors are synonyms,homonymns,puns ect.
I think most humans in the world belevie in metaphors when wrighting music stronger than other ethics... one track mind
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(5. co-lined)

co-lined is not exactly the same as coherst but partal;some meanings colined is edification,that you and another person agreeing about the same thing. as the prefix (co) means in co-op;meaning doing something with some one else.Even thogh colined is suppose to be used only in a dialogue setting,meaning the word dialogue has allready been within neology and one of the neology defts states that dialogue means two people haveing a conversation see dialogue in literture.
If a word like fruition comes up it should be seperate educational deafts if you were looking at a glossary,in an educational book,economics fruition deaft would be different than fruition in biolgy,and so on. if people are haveing arguments in their life about words they might need too be stronger psycologicaly,and not restitute on a one track mind statement,meaning understanding the anatomy of definitions... co-lined
co-lined,definitions,words,webster,articles,sources,society,coherst,words,slang,dictionrys by regardless devon victory Jun 26, 2008 email it 0 comments

(6. independent celebrity)

independent celebritys are people who dj partys @ local clubs house partys,local televison news shows,their also the type of people who own corner stores,and local real estates,also people who appear on local mix cds,local flyers for partys,teen clubs and adult clubs,independent celbritys,are local strippers,local attorneys and local cops,local book publishers,local rappers,some local celebritys are found in local family dollar ad's some people in these ads make 300 dollars a shoot while some people independent in movies makes 50 dollars an hour being payed varies.
Independent celebrity's are ever where you never know when you are going too be by one,just makes sure you keep reppin you live by your rep.
celebrity,honesty,felicity,definitions,industry,news,definitions,words,articles,blogs,myspace,blackplanet,local stores,adult entertainment,local actors

(7. industry)

The industry is really located any where in the world where their is an actually being,working within society.The industry is coherst with,as a statement any one: helping people eat(resturaunt industry) makeing people for people too listen too (the music industry) wrighting in ways that can be intitled for the whole world too read (the publish industry) helping people recieve mail (government industry/the logistic industry.)
people that live in major citys or state,major states more generaly,may see the industry different,people that live in major city and states may be closer too celebritys but people who don't live in major city may see less celebritys...
industry entertainment encyclopedia definitions words society surban yahoo news google news oxford wikipedia by regardless devon victory Jun 26, 2008 email it 0 comments

(8. fealings )

Fealings are emotions that people feal and go threw,if you here words from your mind they are not suppose to be your fealings,they should be called spiritually thoghts,if you did see spiritual thoghts; check with yourself too make sure its what you actually want to feel,humans shouldint here their concious,their concious is suppose too be their fealings,what they go threw and ehat they rember.
see other definitions of fealings
fealings feelings dictionarys encyclopedias blogs words slang definitions sad blessings commotion hate merriam oxford

regardless is clarification that you are intincing yourself, not too go with something commenced,showing that you are...
Jun 26, 2008
sis turner
sis turner is a situation where men act fake and disrepectful too people,femalesthat are ill tempered. acting out on...
Jun 24, 2008
stateing a male is a quarter is supposed to be the same as calling a female a dime shouts outs to males for good look...
May 10, 2008
cuddy is a way too say whats up too the people you know its allso a way to be negative by calling somebody cuddy
May 8, 2008
regardless devon victory
regardless devon victory is a situation where you just need and want a whole lot of money,and you will do nothing to ...
May 3, 2008
a person that dont get hated face two face but it is probly people talking behind his back,also a person who is smart...
May 3, 2008

coherst is when some one forces you to do something also coherst can mean someone who makes something that some one e...
May 3, 2008
seroquil is a drug thats suppose to help people not here voices but many thugs gangsters and prisioners use this medi...
May 3, 2008
amophekietia is an hypnosis setterment where an individulal has dreams 24-7 but every body the person sees in the dr...
Feb 17, 2008
miniminity disorder
a form of bipolar in the area of raceing thoughts when a person listens to music or watches televisions and recipita...
Feb 17, 2008
teeth lying
teeth lying is the engaging of oral sex without Biting the Penise.
Feb 15, 2008
cuff lips
cuff lips: cuff lips is when any one in the world repeat words from a song or movie,this means they respect and the...
Feb 15, 2008

Urban Dictionary: ligacrygist
Urban Dictionary is a slang dictionary with your definitions. Define your - 17k - Cached - Similar pages
Urban Dictionary: center ligacrygist
a center ligacrygist focuses on you being the center of attention with your other,for things you did wrong or made up things-they may even make a song about - 24k - Cached - Similar pages
Urban Dictionary: ligacrygist compulsary
Feb 22, 2008 ... ligacrygist compulsary see also ligacrygist (lie-ja-cry-gist). ligacrygist social biology parapshycolgy coherst developments regardless - 16k - Cached - Similar pages
Urban Dictionary: psycho ligacrygist
psycho ligacrygist see also sorocide ,matracide and psycho........... ligacrygist social biology parapshycolgy coherst developments regardless devon victory - 24k - Cached - Similar pages
Urban Dictionary: prosopopeia ligacrygist- 3 visits - Jun 21
Feb 22, 2008 ... prosopopeia ligacrygist see also ligacrygist/prosopopeia. ligacrygist social biology parapshycolgy coherst developments regardless devon - 16k - Cached - Similar pages
Urban Dictionary: ligacrygist duplicity
A Pseudonomous case where problems trials and cases of a dialogue constitute,turns into more than one person using ligacrygist aspects,against one or more - 24k - Cached - Similar pages
Urban Dictionary: fallacy ligacrygist
fallacy ligacrygist: see fallacy also see ligacrygist.. ligacrygist social biology parapshycolgy coherst developments regardless devon victory medical - 24k - Cached - Similar pages


psycho ligacrygist
are the cut throght kind they may rob you,kill your pets or try to kill you,they may even acronymn into suicide,matra...
Feb 22, 2008
fallacy ligacrygist
Are week minded,they are the type that always falls victim,too here say;they approach the other person with nonsense ...
Feb 22, 2008
prosopopeia ligacrygist
focuses on trying to hurt their victims,loves seeing them cry, plays games on them cracks on them,calls them names an...
Feb 22, 2008
center ligacrygist
a center ligacrygist focuses on you being the center of attention with your other,for things you did wrong or made up...
Feb 22, 2008
ligacrygist econometric
This is one of the most smartest ligacrygist,the can get into your mind;make you believe that you had dreams-statisti...
Feb 22, 2008
ligacrygist compulsary
When a person finds out their other has been unfaithful, not just sexual others but also friend others/family others,...
Feb 22, 2008
ligacrygist duplicity
A Pseudonomous case where problems trials and cases of a dialogue constitute,turns into more than one person using li...
Feb 22, 2008
a person who habitually lies very constant,and redeems on a powerful recollection of games,and focuses on making a pe...
Feb 22, 2008

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